Sunday, July 13, 2014


Greetings everyone!
its been a little while since i updated you guys on the workings of my life as an indie dev so i figured why not do it right now?! i mean i could press submit and send the game i've been working on 8-14 hours a day on for the last 3 months off to iTunes for review.... but the bit of my brain that controls the fear of rejection says lets hold off as LONG AS POSSIBLE!!

so here we go.  First off i suck at twitter. this is something i've talked about before but its something i continually struggle with.  people can be very fickle when it comes to twitter(sorry to all you twitter fiends out there but its true). posted something that doesn't immediately please or catch their eye? UNFOLLOW!  post something to close to a previous post? UNFOLLOW! its the most stressful form of social media because its based entirely on you having something interesting to say. had a pretty uneventful few days? well that means you fail at life and you've lost 4 followers... HA! that'll teach you not to post a picture of that delicious steak you had last night at the Cheesecake Factory!!

Other than that i've mostly been trying to get Run Frosty Run out in front of people so when it launches more people will know to be on the look out for it. The people over at Digital Tutors wrote an article on it which was awesome! all off those guys have been amazingly helpful and constantly supportive of not just me but all the Oklahoma Dev's. (They are based out of OK. they aren't just playing favorites..)then there was the article on Ok Game Dev's site that they did on us! pretty excited about that as well! we actually partnered with them and did some giveaways.  over all the people from Oklahoma have been incredibly helpful and supportive of other game dev's. i was also featured on a different websites weekly indie games article. I'm not entirely sure how i feel about that one. don't get me wrong it was great to get stuff out in front of people but at the same time the article left a bad taste in my mouth. i can't say for sure what it was about it but it almost felt condescending i guess when the talked about Run Frosty Run. i know its not going to be winning any awards but i am proud of the game. its far more complicated than anything else i've worked on (even tho it looks really simple it has a lot going on behind the scenes )and i think it came together really well. this of course could simply be because i've spent 3 months of my life on it and i've grown attached, the game could very possibly be the worst game ever released and playing it might cause you to never want to play another video game again..but fingers crossed thats not the case... daddy needs a jet ski!

The third and final thing thats been on my mind lately is how i want WSS to grow. the dream for me is a 5-7 person indie team. thats enough to share the workload but not enough to get bogged down with conflicting opinions and financial issues. heres the rub, Oklahoma is not a state know for being an indie developer spawn point. thats not to say we don't have several very talented studios and even more talented game developers working by themselves. it simply means its not always easy to find people to work with. i've tried working with several different people and i feel like some people have a lottery sensibility about it. dreaming about what they'd do with the winnings but never going and picking up a ticket. (by this i don't mean that they think oh i'm gonna be a game dev and be rich...i mean they like the idea of being a game dev but not putting in the actual work). To be completely fair it is difficult to balance a full time job + Family + Schooling + game dev. i only work Part time and its still a lot of late nights and long days and i have nothing but the upmost respect for every single person i've worked with so far. they have all been incredibly talented and WSS would be better with than without them.
so thats about it... i guess i need to stop slacking and just click that submit button for Run Frosty Run. Thanks for giving me a few minutes to distract myself. i'll of course let you all know as soon as i figure out if its been approved or not and if your dying for more information about the final bits of Run Frosty Run head on over to our other blog ( HERE ) and check it out!

Thanks for stopping by everyone!

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